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Infanta's soft bottoms and R.I.B collars (pontoons) are manufactured from a high quality PVC (Valmex) or TPU/PVC (Poly mar). All seams are joined with world best Thermo welded technology!

The materials are manufactured by Melher Texnologies and imported from Germany. As you can see from the comparisons below among materials used to build inflatable boats, Valmex or Polymar is definitely the best material to use when the costs of the pontoon are compared with its life time!

A pontoon with welded seams will outlast a high quality Hypalon pontoon, because of the quality of the material and the everlasting double overlap welded seams.

Comparison of Materials for Inflatable Boats

Type of Coating
PVC (Valmex)
PU / PVC (Polymar)
Base fabric PES PES PES PES
Abrasion resistance Good Very good Very good Very good
UV and weather resistance Good Satisfying Very good Very good
Air tightness Good Good Good Good
Oil resistance Acceptable Good Good Good
Hydrolysis resistance Good Satisfying Very good Very good
Adhesion Very good Very good Very good Very good
Usage (gluing) Good Acceptable Good Good
Welding (HF) Good Good Good Not possible
Welding (hot air / hot wedge) Good Acceptable Good Not possible
Cleaning Good Good Good Good
Price Low High Middle High

Four layers of PVC are combined with a Polyester base fabric of high-strength 1100 dtex yarn by melt-roller coating. These single layers give flexibility, elasticity, air-tightness and resistance against mechanical damage to the material.

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